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Expired25% off Seriud WiFi Booster Amazon Coupon Promo Code

Please visit for daily Coupon Codes
25% off Seriud WiFi Booster Amazon Coupon Promo Code
25% off Seriud WiFi Booster Amazon Coupon Promo Code

Please visit for daily Coupon Codes

Save an additional 25% on Seriud WiFi Booster. Discount applies at checkout. Valid through Nov 30, 2018
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Boost the Wi-Fi Coverage and Improve Signal Strength Up to 1200Mbps

Enjoy HD Streaming, Gaming and Video Chatting with Super Fast Wi-Fi

Seriud AC1200 Range Extender brings faster, stronger and wider range of WiFi signal to your home! It is definitely ideal for HD video streaming, gaming and video chatting. It eliminates Wi-Fi dead zone and boosts your home Wi-Fi every corner of your house as the upstairs, garage, bedroom, even outdoors like the porch, beck and yard. The coverage is up to 1,076~6,727 sq.ft depending on the obstacles such as walls and network providers.

High-quality Products

Seriud has made network products for more than 10 years and AC1200 is one of our most mature and stable products. We adopts Dual band wireless technology, excellent performance Qualcomm solutions and high quality spare parts, the precision manufacturing from the inside out makes sure that it is more high-quality and durable.

Seriud Exclusive Super Simple Setup

99% customer can complete the setup in a few minutes with 2-3 steps with smart phones! We provide super high-quality 24/7 technical support. Any questions and requests would be answered and assisted within 12 hours.

Fast and Uninterrupted Transmission

Seriud AC1200 adopts Qualcomm chipset up to 1200Mbps for uninterrupted streaming, gaming, browsing, ect. With speeds up to N300+ AC867, Seriud AC1200 WiFi repeater delivers stable and fast signla for video streaming, online gaming, large file transfers, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

Fast and Uninterrupted Connection with Dual Band

The internet extender supports 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz dual band work simultaneously, dual channels can be more rapid transmission and switch intelligently, ensure the signal is continuous and stable. It can effectively help signal through one or two walls, including parallel walls upper and lower layers, and even outdoors.

Super Simple Setup Designed Exclusively by Seriud

Seriud AC1200 setup software is with built in most of the preset steps, super easy to set up with 3-steps, no need to download or install any software or APP. It is definitely one of the simplest on the market and we have received many positive feedbacks in deed.

Intelligent Tri-color Indicator Lamp

Intuitive recognize the working state of the wireless booster. The light is blue for AP or Router Mode, it’s green with good signal and red with weak signal for Repeater Mode.

NOTE: The indicator lamp is also RESET button.

4-IN-1 Multiple Functions

Repeater mode is the main function of AC1200, you can use mobile phones, laptops and other devices with wireless function for setting. Setting up with a computer can explore more scene patterns and functions like AP, Router, or Bridge ect.

Compatible with Any Router and AP

Compatible with any wireless network devices that comply with the standard of 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n, this wireless Wi-Fi extender works well with nearly all Wi-Fi devices including smart phones, iPhone ,smart TV, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, other Smart Home Devices.

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Please visit for daily Coupon Codes
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