ATOMSTACK Laser Engraver FAQ

Question 1. Does the ATOMSTACK Laser engraving machine support wireless connection?

Answer : The machine currently does not support wireless connection. It can be operated by a computer when connected to it , without the need to connect to the Internet.

Question 2. Does the engraving machine have any requirements for the computer?

Answer : engraving machine support support Windows XP, 7,8,10 and Mac systems.

Question 3 . Laser life is how much

Answer : The service life of the laser is about 10,000 hours. If it exceeds this time, you need to replace it with a new one.

Question 4 . Laser engraving machine it is blue

Answer : The laser is blue. And the laser is very bright.

Question 5. Can the engraving machine be used on ipad ?

Answer : Cannot be used on iPad and mobile phones, you need to use a computer.

Question 6 . What can be placed under the machine so that it will not burn the table

Answer : You can pad a metal plate under the machine.

Question 7. Can I upload a photo and then engrave it completely?

Answer : Yes, but specific parameters need to be adjusted to achieve the best results.

Question 8 . Is there a video tutorial or guide?

Answer : Yes, there are machine assembly videos and software operation videos and instruction manuals on the official website.

Question 9 . Engraving machine noise much

Answer : There is almost no sound, and only the cooling fan works in standby mode, which does not produce too much noise.

Question 10. Can the engraving machine be used in the socket at home ?

Answer : Yes, we are equipped with all necessary cables and power adapters, the power supply supports a voltage of 1 10V-240V.

Question 11. Where can I buy lightburn software?

Answer : The lightburn software purchase link is

Question 12. Where can I find the laser manual

Answer : You can scan the machine installation manual and the QR code on the machine control box.

Question 13 is . Carving what size

Answer : can engrave the engraving area of 4 10 * 400mm size.

Question 14. Can I engrave the acrylic board?

Answer : can engrave and cut acrylic sheet.

Question 15. What type of after-sales service

Answer : If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also contact the Atom stack technical support department: , if the product is defective, please provide a video or picture, and we can resend the accessories or machine to you.

Question 16. What is the laser wavelength?

Answer : The wavelength is 4 45±5 nm.

Question 17 . Is the software included?

Answer : A5 series engraving machine has a website for software download. Users can go to the website to download. The laserGRBL software download website is ; the download website of lightburn is /trial-version-try-before-you-buy

Question 18. Can this machine engrave spots on shoes?
Answer : It depends on the material of the shoes, if the material is PU leather, you can engrave.

Question 19. Can I cut metal? What are the specifications?

Answer : You can engrave stainless steel and aluminum oxide . If you paint the metal surface black before engraving, the engraving effect will be better, because the unpainted metal surface will reflect light and reflect a large part of the laser energy.

Question 20. I just purchased this product today and then read these reviews about the controller. I’m a little confused. Does it have a controller?

Answer : A5 engraving machine is connected with PC via USB cable.

Question 21. How much smoke does wood processing produce ?

Answer : The amount of smoke produced by wood of different materials is different. Our commonly used basswood panels produce less smoke. In addition, the parameters of engraving/cutting also affect the amount of smoke.

Question 22 . I am looking for a laser engraving machine/paper cutter, which can cut through about 2mm thick silver, gold and stainless steel. Can this machine do it?

Answer : We have not yet tried to cut silver, gold and stainless steel. We are not sure whether we can cut it. However, a semiconductor laser with a wavelength of 450nm and a power of 5W cannot do it.

Question 23. Is the laser engraving machine 20w, 5000mw laser engraving and cutting machine equipped with software that accepts bmp files?

Answer : The laserGRBL software supports bmp type files.

Question 24 . Are there any parts (laser parts) that need to be worn?

Answer : The service life of our laser is 10,000 hours. If there is any problem, you can replace it with a new one.

Question 25. What software is included? Which OS is the software used for (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS)?

Answer : At present, we test that the laser GRBL software supports all windows systems, and the lightburn software supports Windows and Mac systems . It is recommended to use Windows and Mac systems first.

Question 26. Units that can be carved from file formats can support nc, bmp, jpg, png, dxf, etc. Does the laser unit that can be engraved from the file format support nc, bmp, jpg, png, dxf, etc.?

Answer : The laserGRBL software supports nc, bmp, jpg, png and other file formats, but does not support dxf format ; Lightburn software supports dxf format.

Question 27 : Is this thin sliced metal cut into an “open” design or just carved out?

Answer : This depends on the engraving material, speed, energy and frequency of the engraving machine.

Question 28. Can this be used to cut wooden puzzles?

Answer : It can be used to cut wooden puzzles. The recommended thickness of the cut wood board is 3-4 mm .

Question 29. Which laser engraving software do you recommend to use for this board?

Answer : It is recommended to use two softwares, laserGRBL and lightburn.

Question 30. Can it be used with the Ortur Laser Original 2, the laser engraving machine y-axis rotating drum engraving module?

Answer : You need to provide the ortur laser laser master 2, the terminal diagram of the motor plug-in wire to analyze and judge whether it can be used. You can also use later we are going to rotate the rollers on the line with this will form a perfect docking with a solid, better achieve perfect cylindrical-shaped sculpture.

Question 31. Can it work on glass?

Answer : The glass carving needs you to blacken it.

Question 32 . What are the recommended base or bed for the device? Especially the 40W laser ?

Answer : It is recommended that you use metal materials or ceramic bases .

Question 33. Can you sculpt on 3D objects such as tumblers?

Answer : 3D object can be engraved cylindrical shape, supporting the need to even the rotating roller contact means we are going on-line . Some materials, such as glass, need to be blackened on the surface before engraving.

Question 34. Good morning, what can cause my laser to leave marks on the trip ?

Answer : If it is a problem with your picture structure or configuration settings, this will happen . You can restore the settings or re-flash the firmware to try to solve it.

Question 35. Can I carve/cut silicone wristbands/watches?

Answer : The silicone material can be engraved or cut with a certain degree of hardness. If the material is too soft, its effect may be affected.

Question 36. What is the 20w and 5w ( 5000 mw ) of this device ? If it is a 20w laser, the output power is 5w , why should I care about 20w ? What are 20 , 30 and 40w ?

Answer : 20W is the laser power, 5W is the laser output power, 20W , 30W , 40W are the power.

Question 37. How much is the lightburn software ?

Answer :You need to spend 40 Meiyuan

Question 38. Is the software able to bring the scanned patterns to your PC , or is it only suitable for patterns that come with the software?

Answer : You need to confirm which software you are using : 1. LaserGRBL software, 2. LightBurn software, both of which support multiple image formats.

Question 39. If it is used on leather, will it engrave different depths?

Answer :You can engrave in different depths (depending on the speed and energy parameters you set )

Question 40. What kind of plug is used ?

Answer :We have plugs of different countries (such as: American, European, British, etc.). You need to provide the country’s style.

Question 41. Can I use the Genmitsu laser engraving machine to engrave glasses?

Answer : You can purchase our ATOMSTACK laser engraving machine to match with our upcoming rotary roller device, which perfectly realizes the exquisite engraving of cylindrical coated water cups .

Question 42. Will it be used with iPad ?

Answer : Our product does not support iP ad connection temporarily .

Question 43. Can this cut the wood completely? How thick is the wood (how thick is the 20 /30/40W cut respectively)? which type?

Answer : It can cut wood. Our engraving machine (20 /30/40W ) can cut wood. The current thickness is 6 ~ 7mm . Such as basswood, hardwood, etc.

Question 44. Can the thickness / height of the item be placed in the marked area?

Answer : At present, our engraving machine can engrave the height from 0 to 80mm .

Question 45. Can the 20w and 40w lasers on the same machine be interchangeable?

Answer :The interchangeable use of 20w and 40w lasers can be achieved on the same machine .

Question 46. Will the software support Windows 10 Home in S mode ?

Answer :Our products support 1. Windows ( Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / XP / Win 10 ) systems use LaserGRBL software 2. MAC systems use lightburn software.

Question 47. Can I use wifi ?

Answer : Currently our software does not support WIFI .

Question 48. Will it be engraved on aluminum, brass and copper plates?

Answer : The materials of these metals need to be painted black before you can engrave the surface.

Question 49. Can this machine engrave coated glasses?

Answer : The coaxial coated glass can be engraved, and it needs to work with the rotating roller that we will launch soon.

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