Which Coffee Is For You?

With the right gear for your coffee-style, making barista-quality coffee at home is easy!


IF YOU’RE A PRACTICAL THINKER You often need multiple cups of coffee at the same time-whether for the family, gettogethers or the office.

CONSIDER AN AUTOMATIC DRIP Amount determined by how many cups of water you add to the reservoir

IF YOU’RE A GO-GETTER When you want a fresh-brewed cup of coffee, you want it in seconds. No time to measure out grinds or clean out a pot.

CONSIDERA SINGLE-SERVE/POD Coffee is in a premeasured container/pod for a single cup. Just pop it in and brew!

IF YOU’RE A COFFEE PURIST You like a full-bodied coffee, and a bit of ceremony to the process.

CONSIDER A FRENCH PRESS Coffee in a French Press can be brought to the table for easy pouring.

IF YOU’RE A VARIETY SEEKER On Monday you want hazelnut, Tuesday a touch of vanilla, and a cup of tea in the afternoon.

CONSIDER A SINGLE-SERVE/POD Single-serve pods are available in variety of flavors, including tea and hot chocolate options.

IF YOU’RE AN ENTERTAINER Your place is where people gather for holiday parties, family dinners,and other get-togethers.

CONSIDER AN URN/PERCOLATOR Makes a dark, strong coffee.Available in stovetop and electric models and come in a wide range of sizes.

IF YOU’RE OLD SCHOOL You prefer strong coffee brewed on the stove.

The Perfect Grind

CONSIDER A MOKA POT There’s no “machine” involved. A traditional way to brew espresso-like coffee on the stovetop.

GRIND BEANS AT HOME for the best freshness & flavor


  • THE CHEAPER OPTION > BEAN HOPPER > Saves space by storing your beans in an airtight container attached to the grinder
  • BETTER FOR A CONSISTENT GRIND > AUTOMATIC GRINDING > Takes the guesswork out of measuring beans. The machine automatically calibrates the right amount of you’ll need for the number of cups you’re brewing.

AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFFS For extra safety!

GETTING THE GRIND RIGHT > When water hits ground coffee, most of the enjoyable flavors are released first. The more bitter, unpleasant flavors follow, at varying speeds, depending on grind size.

A finer grind means stronger coffee

Coffee strength is affected by the roast you choose, & the amount of water you add.


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