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    Everything You Need to Know about Video Walls

    Video walls are playing the real game in the world of business and marketing. It has created a boom in the digital signage especially with the introduction of LED Digital Signage and the growth is expected to reach heights in the coming years. As the video wall consumption is increasing so the business of providing video walls to the customers. So, it can be called a two-way game in which both the customers and vendors are being benefited. Now, let’s dig more into knowing the video walls,

    1. What exactly are video walls?

    You might have observed huge banners in a stadium during the match depicting the scores or cheering the players or you might have also noticed huge advertisements outside of a shopping mall. That’s exactly what a video wall is. Video Wall Controller is a type of digital signage that consists of LCD or LED panels joined together to form a huge screen. Years back, video walls only stretched to a single wall delivering the content. However, now the video walls offer tremendous capabilities to its users.

    2. Where can it be installed?

    There’s a huge difference between knowing and acting. The results are dependent on both the knowing and acting part and you cannot foresee any other. These eye-catching big panels are ideal for a wide range of applications. These days you can spot them anywhere you go. Whether it is a retail store, hospitality venture, stadium, concert hall, or transportation location or even a police control room, you can see them everywhere around you.

    Video walls are great solutions for people looking for exposure. Whether you want to boost your business or deliver information about your venture, a video wall is a sure shot way to reach the audience in an impressive way. Big displays attract the audience much more than posters or banners.

    3. What should I consider while installing a video wall?

    The first thing you have to consider is your application, why are you installing it for? How much exposure do you want from it? Then the type of environment you are going to install it in. All of these factors govern your installation process. Secondly, your choice of words and content in the display govern the reach. So, the content should be impressive enough to convince the audience. It should not be delusive in any way.

    Video walls can offer you with the best solution you want from your business. You can install the one of your choice including LED or LCD video walls from a trusted manufacturer. ISEMC is a leading brand in terms of video wall solutions. You can know more about them at

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